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It’s absolutely crucial if you are going to be a great Putter that you have the correct alignment during your stroke, so that you can swing the Putter down the target line. And in this swing tip, we are going to look at how to do that correctly. If you are not aligned correctly, the ball has got no chance of going in; it’s going to be very difficult to get the ball in to the hole if you are not aligned at that hole. So here we are going to look at how to align correctly. The first thing you’ve got to align is the actual Putter Head itself. Make sure that the face of the Putter is aligned down your target line now if we’ve taken a straight Putt that would mean that the Putter Face is pointing at the hole. But remember not all Putts are straight and a lot of them break, because there is slope on the green.

So you need to ensure that rather than pointing the Putter Head at the hole think about making sure that the Putter Face is aiming down the target line. So decide where the target line is on the breaking Putt, this won’t necessarily be directly at the hole. Aim along the target line. So here I put an alignment pull out to represent the target line and I’m going to make sure that my Putter Face is aiming down that target line. Now from that position I can aim myself and my alignment needs to be parallel left to that target line, because there’s a gap between myself and the ball. So I will place my feet together, so that they are absolutely parallel to the Putter Face and then I will step left and step right, so you can see the line along my toes, runs parallel to the target line rather than at the hole.

If the line across my toe starts pointing at the hole, then really I’m going to swing the Putter in line with my feet and its going to make it very difficult to move the Putter along the target line. So in this position where my alignment is to the right of the hole, I’ll swing the Putter in line with my feet, and you can see the Putter is now no longer relative to the target line. I will end up swinging this way, and I will hit the ball to the right of the target if the Putter Face is pointing that way, otherwise I have got to try and turn the Putter Face and almost hook it to the hole.

So to get your alignment correct make sure that first of all you aim the Putter Face down directly down the target line, but then you set your feet parallel left of the target line if you are right handed golfer, that would get you holding a lot more Putts.