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How can I stop fatting my golf chip shots? The main reason that you’re hitting a fatt shot that’s’ a shot where you’re hitting the ground before your striking the golf ball, is that you’re leaning back as you’re playing the shots. So if I just demonstrate here, from the setup position, you’re swinging the club away and then as you’re swinging in you’re leaning to the right, there is more weight on the back foot or on the right foot if you’re a right handed golfer and that will now put the low point for your swinger arc too far to the right of the ball. So you’ll strike the ground before the ball and then swing up into the ball.

So you’ll hit a fat shot, you’ll really hit a lot of divot before you strike the ball. So to correct that shot and to get you striking the ball first rather than striking the ground, get into the correct setup position and then work on maintaining your head position so you don’t end up leaning back. So the correct position to be and to hit the shot, nice narrow stunts that will just aid your balance. Just pull a left foot back so that the hips turn slightly towards the target, it will help you swing through the shot a lot better, hold lower down on the handle, this will give you added control over the club head and then create this forward lean in the shaft.

If the hands are too over the ball, you’re already starting to lean slightly on the right side, we want to be on the left side here as a right handed golfer. So lean the shaft towards the target, so that hands are ahead of the ball. Also really focus on your nose position and ensure that your nose position is between your hands and the golf ball. If your nose is to the right of the ball, you’re starting to lean on to the right side and place too much weight on the right side. So hands forward, create a straight line between the left arm and the shaft of the club, your nose to the left of the ball and that should set slightly more weight on the left hand side. Just keep the straight line of your left arm and the club as you swing back and through but work on keeping your nose on the left hand side of the ball, all the way through the shots. If you follow that tip of keeping your nose on the left of the ball as you play the shot, you’ll start hitting the ball a lot crisper and you’ll start hitting a fat golf chip shot.