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How can I play my golf shots in a strong cross wind? Well the best way to think about how to play in a strong wind, is just consider how you would putt on a slope. If you have a slope on the green, you would hit the golf ball up the slope, to maximum extend point, up the slope and then allow the slope to bring the ball back down to the hole. So that’s a bit how you want to approach the cross wind, you need to hit the ball in to the wind, so its got a maximum extend outside the hole, and than once its reached that point, the wind start to blow the ball back in to the green and back in to the hole. You can’t really fight a strong wind you need to play with it to get the most from your golf shots, and to be accurate.

So if you’ve got a strong cross wind coming from the left, aim -- again depending on how strong the wind is, but aim out to the left, left of the green, it could be over the bunkers on the left, if the wind is really strong, you might find that you are aiming 15 yards left. Hit the ball in to that wind, and then allow the wind to blow the ball back in to the green and back on to the target. It’s the only way to play, if you hit straight to the pin, that cross wind is just going to blow that ball off target, and you are going to miss the green. If you have got a left or right cross wind, you are going to miss the green on the right. And the best way to learn how to play those cross winds, is just go out on a windy day, kind of notice how strong the wind is, play some shots in to that cross wind, and then look at how much the ball gets blown, either left or right depending on the cross wind. And experience will teach you how far to aim, to allow for that strength of wind. But yeah to play cross winds, hit into them a bit like you would do with a breaking club. Allow the wind to bring the ball back into the hole, you’ll get it a lot more accurate.