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Okay, so we are going to talk about alternatives to chipping, so you are just off the green, let's just say a couple of meters. The grass is quite short, you haven’t got confidence in playing that 6-iron, that 7-iron, that 8-iron, that chip and run which is a good shot to have. But let's just say, you haven't got the confidence, so what are the options you have got. Well the first one and the most obvious one is pulling your putts around. If the lie is sitting down on a nice short grass and it’s not big undulations, well the putt is an option for you, isn’t it, because you set yourself up, swing it back and forward and let the ball roll it, if you were on a green, so simple.

But let's just say, the grass is a little bit deeper, we have got a few undulations there. So, the putt is really being ruled out, one the favorite clubs that more and more people are moving to is the hybrid, a great club to use, not just down the fairway, but around the green. You see it time and time again in so many tournaments around the world. But what makes it much easier than a 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron is the fact that it’s a nice [Indiscernible] [0:01:07] because it’s like a miniature wood, the weight has been squeezed, the smaller head.

It’s got less loft and because of that, we can set ourselves up in the same position is what we would do for that chipping, when that ball is in the middle of the stance. And from here, what we want to do is we want you to swing that hybrid, the same as what you would have done with that putter, the same technique. So when you have got holed, you look at my arms, it’s like the letter Y. So if I get myself over the ball and maintain that Y, backwards and forwards, the hybrid has come back in to the back of the ball, what little loft it had on the back on the club, has actually gone into the back of the ball, jumped it up into the air.

And of course, it’s going to be a run, it’s going to released towards that hole. All you have to do is judge how far you want to hit that golf ball. So if chipping is out of the question, because you have not got any confidence, putter is the first option, the safest option. But if the lie or the undulations rule out the putter, go to your hybrid, set yourself up with the ball in the middle, keep your arms hanging down like you – like just like a putter and from here, maintain that position backwards and forwards. It’s such a simple golf shot, you will wonder why you have not played it before. Enjoy!