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Okay so we want to talk about how to fix the – the chips when you hit them fairly, you hit them fast. Basically, what has happened to create that sort of fault is when you set up to the ball for a chip and run and the wrist become a little bit too active, and what I mean by that is tend to kind of bit flimsy? So you can imagine if I'm taking my club back and its breaking my wrist early I can either hit the ground heavy or I can actually uncut my wrist, so too much wrist activity and you can imagine where those two faults come from.

Now the cure is very, very simple. It’s a very simple technique. You can take this to the golf course straight away so the play chip and run you can use a 7-iron, 8-iron, 6-iron any of those clubs, good clubs to play chip and run. Let's focus on the setup. Put the clubface behind the ball and put your hands on and just go slightly down the grip. By going slightly down the grip it brings you closer to the ball, gives you a bit more control. Put your feet a little bit close together what you would normally do and put your left foot back slightly so we're now creating a sort of parallel lines creating a slightly open setup and that basically gets the side out of the way because its going to give us room and space to play these shots.

So now we're actually in the starting block ready for the swing. Let's think about the swing. I want you to set yourself up with the club head, the shaft, the hand, the shoulder and the arm all together in one line. So your hands are slightly forward of the ball. Once we're in this position here I want your weight position 60-40. This is to keep your leg still, to keep your body still that to prevent you from possibly transferring the weight back and let's keep everything still. So now we're over the ball that from here I wanted to try and keep everything in the line, keep your hands forward and swing from your shoulders, very important shoulders. So from here if I just swing the club about here with my shoulders and through, you can see the body has stayed very, very still, very, very static and everything is hinging from the shoulder very, very much like a pendulum. It's that simple.

So go out there, set yourself up. You've got the tools now to improve this and it’s a very simple technique and you should see the results very quickly indeed.