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Video Transcript

Okay. Let’s talk about uphill chip shots. It sounds pretty simple. The ball is on a line it’s on a slope uphill, and the shot sounds really easy to play but time and time again people tend to play the shot and tend to catch the ground behind the ball. So what we will talk about now is how to play this shot. So imagine you are on an uphill line, okay. You are on this slope. The first thing we are going to kind of think is to ourselves right, the set up. How do we go about the set up? When you set yourself up, it’s very important that you put your spine perpendicular to the slope. So here’s the slope, so you want the angle of your spine to be with the slope. So we are actually leaning with the slope. It’s just a nicely gentle slope. About putting yourself into this position is actually encouraging you now to actually follow the contour of the slope. So you’re actually going with the slope rather than going into the slope.

The ball is going to fly a little bit higher because as we play this shot, we are actually hitting the ball up. If you are hitting the ball up, it’s going to go a bit higher, it’s going to land a bit softer. So maybe what might have been a seven iron chipping run, maybe you think well, maybe I should play a six iron because this ball’s going to go a little bit higher and land a bit softer. So just kind of keep that in the back of your mind. So you’ve done this set up in position, maybe, just maybe you might need to change your club selection because of what we’ve just said about the height and the ball landing softer. But what about who player the same shot again? This time it’s a very steep angle. But obviously we’ve pulled the body perpendicular spine with the slope, the danger would be as we swing the club back would be to actually move off the ball. So it’s very important to put the spine perpendicular but have the weight, so not quite as far back. So I’m not saying leaning to the slope for one minute, but keep your weight a little bit more central than what you would have done for a gentle slope. And again from that position there, we want to put the ball this time a little bit further back because we’re now, we’re not quite with the slope, we’re a little a bit more central, a little bit more upright and there’s a tendency now to kind of come into the slope a little bit more, so that the ball may well go a little bit lower. So we want to put that ball slightly further back into the stance and this way, we are going to hopefully from this position here, still got the body leaning back a bit. From here, we’re more likely to catch the ball than the slope because if we catch the slope first, you know what is going to happen, the club will hit, it will decelerate and we’ll get this sort of fat shot the sort of chili dip shot where we catch the ground behind the ball.

So that’s how you play these slopes, a gentle slope, you’ve got the information and you’ve now got the severe slope. It’s not a difficult shot but most importantly, you must put your body with the slope for a normal slope and for a steep one, still angle the spine but not quite as much. Put yourself a little bit against the slope. With that one, just put the ball slightly further back.