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Video Transcript

Okay, so the question is can I only use a wedge to chip in? Well, the correct answer will be of course not. I mean why be limited to just one club? All right, a pitching wedge may be a club that you kind of favor. But when you’re playing a chip, there’s lots of different ways of playing a chip. So, let’s explain a couple.

First of all let’s look at the lie that you’ve got. If the lie is a lie where it’s kind of sat down a little bit, the chance of playing maybe a seven iron chip and run or an eight iron really isn’t in the back. So, then we need to use a lofty club. So here, I’ve got a pitching wedge. So, if the lie isn’t too good, let’s use a more lofty club but the technique is still the same. And of course to play a chip, what you want to do is set ourselves with a weight predominant in the left hand side, 60-40. Keep the hand slightly forward, and then when we actually play the shot, we want to play with our arms and our shoulder. So, everything is hinging. There’s no wrist break going, it’s just going back with my arms. So, look at the lie, the lie is set up. Well, maybe it’s playing an 8-iron chip and run or 7. And the differences with these clubs is that the more lofty that you’ve got, most probably the pitching wedge would be you could chip the ball 75% of the way or 25% of the way – I’m sorry, 75% of the way and it pulls it quicker. But with the seven iron being less lofted, then of course the ball is going to run further so you’d land it 25% of the way and it runs 75% of the way.

So, the question was, given this you just use the wedge, but now you can use any club that you want that you feel comfortable with. But one of the common mistakes that no, the answer is I must use my wedge all the time. Well, if you’re going to use your wedge all the time, you’re going to limit yourself to the shots you can play. And if that lie isn’t perfect for that wedge then you’re going to struggle to play the golf shot. You got the correct answer. It’s as simple as we’ve just mentioned. Go out and practice it. It’s not as hard as you think but remember whatever club that you select, look at the lie first, look at what you’re face with. And when you’re playing that shot, make sure that you setup, keep the weights on the left hand side and swing it with your arms and your shoulders and let the club do the work.