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Okay, we're going to talk about an uphill chip and run shot now. So you're on a slope going up there, how do we play it? Well, the first thing is you got to remember you're going uphill, so if you were going to play a 9-iron, let's play an 8-iron because you are going up the slope. So because the club is going up the slope, the ball is going to travel a little bit higher and it's going to land a little bit softer. So take a little bit less loft when you're going to play the shot. If I put this golf ball under my left foot to kind of recreate that sort of slope, when we setup to the ball, I am trying to position my body.

You can see I am leaning back here as if I am on the slope and I am trying to put my spine perpendicular to the slope, so there is a slope. So I'm trying to get my body in a position where I am with the slope. Okay, so that's what I am doing with this ball here to recreate that sort of lie. Remember, we selected the club, one club less loft because this is going uphill. And we've now got the body perpendicular to the slope. Now here, the weight needs to be sat on the right hand side because the whole idea here with the slope – just imagine this slope now, I need to swing, I need to swing with the slope. If I come into the slope, I am going to get a contact, which is going to quit, I'm going to hit the ground behind the ball in attempt to fluff the shot.

So from here, keep the hands forward, I've got the weight here on the right hand side. And what we are going to do here is keep that body, look at the spine, look at where I am as an exaggeration here. And what we're going to do now from here, just concentrate with your arms and your wrist is no wrist activity here or from the shoulders. And from this position here, I swing the club back and that ball is definitely gone much, much higher than what this 8-iron wood have done, had I not been on that slope. So remember what we've got ourselves into this position here, put your body perpendicular with the slope there, keep that body weight on this side here. And then from here, just use those shoulders going back, no, no wrist activity here. I remember, take one club less because remember, it's going to go higher, it's going to land softer and that's how you play the shot.