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Video Transcript

If you are looking at this video tape you most probably got a problem with decelerating into that putt so we are going to tackle that optimistic is to basically what causes deceleration? Well apart from the most obvious deceleration is where the backswing has to go back and the follow through is much shorter than the backswing so if I’ve got a backswing that’s going two foot back and a follow through that’s one foot there must be a deceleration. There has to be a deceleration for you to be able to stop something that’s sure the pendulum going back and forward so if we could swing in that backwards and forward here we go back and forward the same length, if we go back this far and go while you’ve stopped you’ve decelerated.

I know it sounds obvious it’s a very common thing in the game of golf decelerating, the whole idea is amateur golfers if you look at the top players you find that they have a platform here. I bet you look at the screen you feel, “Oh my God they’ve hit that putt so hard what if it misses before it gets past the whole.” They are so comfortable and confident that they’ve got everything in place that the whole idea is that they’ve got acceleration if you’ve got acceleration the chances are the ball has got more chances of staying on the line. Give you an example, if you’ve got a little bit of a slope and you hit it very slow what happens? It gets to a point where it’s going to break and it falls away doesn’t it?

If you get the same putt again with a little bit more pace the ball would hold a line much longer in which case the putt is slightly easier without going to the extreme in case it get’s too hard. So the swing is very important the pace of the swing and obviously you wonder what you are trying to do is get you to encourage you to work on a swing which is equal proportions backwards and forwards. So if you were to set up from this angle here I’d put a head cover outside your right foot and one outside your left foot, I’d try and swing between those two points going backwards and forwards. We can see that the swing never deviates from one place to another it’s the same length back and forward and the swing isn’t going and stopping and decelerating which is what this topic is all about.

Another good set – a good drill would be to go on that big patch of putting green pick a short hole and pick a long hole. Go up to the hole and get a club and line the club down behind the hole so a good club length behind. What I want you to do we I want you to focus o the short puts first of all and try and get the ball between the hole and the club so we don’t want to reach out this fear of going past the whole not holding it coming back. If you don’t get to the whole in the first place you are not going to hole the place okay? Remember overall you’ve heard a million times and you’ll hear another million times so pull that club behind the hole and try and get the ball between the hole and the club behind.

This will give you feel of getting the ball to the hole acceleration. So we get rid of that deceleration so there you go if you are decelerating have a go with that. Pull that club behind the hole and try and get it between the zone. You can make it a bigger foot if you want to try and score points, how many balls did you get out the first set between the whole and the club? Try and get into that zone without actually hitting the shaft of that club behind the hole, give it a go it’s good and more importantly it’s going to get you results and get that ball to the hole. If it gets to the hole you can hole the putts, enjoy.