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So as I’ve mentioned, if you are bending that left arm during the backswing and you are bending it during the downswing, if he’s not causing you any consistency issues, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t eject. Lee Westwood works is be there’s no reason why I can work for you. However it’s always better to consult a professional to get your swing analyzed and to see if it is affecting your swing. Because a bend left off and generally most people can cause inconsistencies, on less days all the parts of the swing which are consistently compensating for that movement. So to actually get that left on straight now there are a few drills that you can use, a few simple ones to use as well.

So if you get yourself set up, well this is probably the best swap, if you get yourself set up, take the club away, just try to keep that left arm as straight as possible, if it is naturally kinked to this rest arm I don’t know what you can do but if you can straighten it out to address, take it away and maintain that strain that’s in the left arm, left arm of the straight club nice and straight. Now it’s normally from this position that I’d see the left arm dig into Ben because of the lack of flexibility within the shoulders. So a great drill that you can do is as you take the club away to this point, take your right hand off and as you just hold on to the back of your left wrist with your right hand, now from here, hold the arm straight and complete that backswing.

Now as you are going to see using this drill, I’ve managed to maintain the straightness and the extension in my left arm while I was completing the full swing. It’s also a fantastic drill because it stretches out all the muscles that I need toward the nice flexible downswing and that also backswing, I don’t know that’s flexible downswing. So with that one again I gain set up, moving either way to half way, right hand on the left, keep it straight and that rotate up to the top of the swing. As you are moving down through impact, this is by far the tricky wanted it. Because if you are moving down to impact in that left arm, these actively coming up towards the body, you are doing that the fastest part of your swing and therefore it maybe quite a difficult thing to actually get right.

But a very simple way to see if you are doing it is just to waste a few shots, getting yourself setup, maybe a little holstering or punch swing but actually move through hit the shot, just hold the position, not that’s the best but I just wanted to tell you before it timed up, hold this position as you actually come through the shot. Now you’ll notice that my left arm and the shaft are in a very straight line. If you get out to this position and you’ve kinked away and that left arm is bent inwards, that’s the point where you’ll probably know that as you are going through impact, you have started to lift that left arm up and out of the way. So analyze again. Get a Pro Tab and look at it, see if it is a problem and use those two drills to fix if you like but I have to say Lee Westwood is one of the best players in the world, he is not going to change, he doesn’t need to because he’s a fantastic ball striker, and if its not affecting you don’t see a pro, give it a go, see where you go.