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Video Transcript

So the question is, how much leg drive should you use in your golf swing? Well let me explain what leg drive is first of all, leg drive is exactly how it sounds, is driving your legs into the ball, so it would be a case of getting the club to the top and then from here driving, so that right leg is driving you in to that ball. Now by driving you into that golf ball, if it goes a little bit too excitable, and that; right leg comes and drive you to the ball too much, the clubface is wide open. In which case the likelihood is you’re going to hit a shot down the right hand side. Then as time is going on, the right drive, that leg driving into the impact area, it’s something that coaches we’ve kind of phased; their way from, because it’s not consistent enough. I mean focus on actually focusing on something so simple and that is from here focusing on the turning of the hips backwards and forwards, because the hips do a fantastic job, a very, very important job. They go in the back when they shift through 45? only. So from here that’s all they do, 45? then they come back to the hitting area, as we hit through, the hips turn first.

If I said to you, put the club in your hands and just focus on turning your hips, so like this, as my hips have turned and go through. All of a sudden as I go through, look what’s happened, my right foot has come through that means that my weight has shifted, and a good tip at this stage will be that my belt buckle is actually facing the target. So I’ve not had to try and force myself through, it’s just natural weight transference. So this leg drive is something that is being phased out and don’t forget, we are talking about a senior golf tip here so, so people like myself 50 years of age and above, we should be focusing on the hip turn. So the hip turn, how do we do it? We set up over to the ball and as we take the club back, we focus on just moving the hips back, so just slightly, but maintaining a slight knee flex in the right leg we call it brace. So just take the club back, that’s my hips they are going through 45? slight knee flex still, so there’s a slight resistance. And from that I want to bring the club back to the ball then my hips get back to where they should have been or where I was at the start. As I go through, then hips naturally go through.

So let’s put into practice, just focus on my hips, its all about control, so over the ball just watch my hips as I go back, so from here, hips, hips. Get the balance as I’ve gone through the ball, there is no wobbling or anything, you see on my belt buckle is facing the target and I’ve got a nice balance swing there, and all I do is focus on the hips, something that most golfers don’t tend to think about. So next time you’re actually on the golf course, and we are looking for a little bit more consistency, a little bit more distance, don’t be thinking about getting that club back in, driving that leg into the impact area, because as senior golfers that’s a no, no because that will tend to hit the ball down the right hand side. Focus on what I said and hopefully it should look as easier as I hopefully made it, which is over the ball, turn your hips through 45? as we get back to the ball, the left hip move out of the way, and hopefully you think that looks pretty simple. And it’s not hard as you think, but the age old thing is, with all these tips, is to make sure you find the time to go to the practice area first to have – give it a go. So you show full commitment rather than trying to take it to the golf course straight away.

So now you’ve got the knowledge, take it to the practice area, give yourself 20/30 balls and you should see a difference, a much easier swing, but more importantly, a more balanced swing with better results to come. What are you waiting for? Go and practice.