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What is a walk through golf swing and why is it important? Now walk through golf swing is an advancement of a drill that you can use if you are struggling to actually transfer your weight through the shot. A walk through drill sees a player hit a ball transferring their weight forward and then taking a step down towards the target after they have hit their shot. Now the walk through drill enables a player who is normally like this it impacts leaning back to actually make sure they move towards the target and it can cause them to strike the ball much, much better.

You only need to use a walk through swing and a walk through drill if you were hanging back on the back foot. If you are naturally moving through transferring your weight through and coming on to a nice follow through its not probably going to be a drill or swing that you should use. But if you were concerned that you hanging back you are not quite getting through to a full finish position take your setup, take a normal full back swing and as you come down really move your weight towards the target and makes sure you take a step forward.

And as you take that step forward try and remain balanced you don’t want to be jumping forward too much but it’s just going to enable you to move your weight through much, much better.