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Let’s talk about the slice, the most dreaded golf shot probably of all of them. A massive movement from left to right you are in the air if you’re a right-handed golfer for the balls finished a long way off to the right off the target. To hit a slice, there are few things that need to be present. It is a classic slice, which shows left of target and then curves off to the right-hand side. The club must be traveling from out to in, so across the body and across the target line moving to the left with a club face open to that path and open to the target line. That’s what creates the spin to move it from left to right.

If it’s a push slice that might be slightly different because your feet can be square, the path can be quite neutral. But because the club face will be massively open again, it can move off to the right-hand side. Now what we’re going to do is look at a different number of ways that you can try and fix your slice. And the first one is a club closure drill because at the end of the day, the biggest impact on where this ball will travel is club face. If that’s pointing off to the right of the target, the ball is going to travel in that direction.

So this drill is specifically designed to help close that club face a little bit more effectively. Now, to do this, it’s a very simple drill, it kind of have a quite dramatic effect if you really exaggerate it. Normally, when you’re coming into impact with the slice, that club face is left a long way open. Now, if you wanted to close that club face very simply without altering your grip or changing massive things within the swing, all we need to do with that left wrist is get it more bowed on the downswing.

Now, just notice here as this club is up to the actual camera, if I move my left wrist and I bow it under, look what happens to the club face. Now, if you’re moving down into impact and you manage to bow your wrist to this extreme, you might as well hook the ball past to your left [put] [00:02:02], which will be quite an impressive thing to do. Now, we don’t want to do it that much but getting the sensation and getting the feeling that that left – the left wrist is tucking on the – on the way down into impact will really stop that club face from open angle to the right-hand side.

Very quick, very, very simple way to get the feeling is just have a couple of practice downswings where you feel that that left wrist is tucking under. And as you move through the ball, all you want to be doing is rotating and turning through. If you do exaggerate this, you’ll hit [indiscernible]. And you’ll get the sensation of it very, very quickly and get rid of your slice very quickly. However, if you can control it the right amount even without doing swing path, you can manage to get the ball starting straight and then draw it a little bit off to the left-hand side. So that’s the first drill that we’re going to be using in trying to fix your slice.