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Video Transcript

A nice simple drill is how we get the feeling of hitting a draw. You can do this at the driving range. You actually go out and play like this as well, you might get a few little stares and you won’t be able to hit full shots. It’s very simply the right foot back drill. As you draw the right foot back from the ball, it really opens up – closes the part I should say – to target and allows you to turn much more around yourself.

So where you would normally be getting set up, so you’re parallel to your target line and then swing it back and through in this position. If you go into a position where your left foot is further forward towards the ball and you bring your right foot all the way back, so it’s pretty much pointing directly at the ball, this allows you then to turn much more around the body and get the sensation that you're moving back and get you the feeling that you're bringing the club much more on the inside.

Coupled into this is a very good drill to help activate your release. So I should activate the arms rotating through the point of impact, bringing that right foot back, we’d like to swing more around and then actually hitting through. We like to get those arms extending and releasing over each other. A lot of people are quite amazed at how easy it is to start producing draws using this drill. So the right foot back swinging around the body and using that release to hit that draw back towards the target.

It’s a very easy drill to use. It’s very easy one to get the sensation of moving the ball from right to left, it is also just a very exaggerated version of what you can be doing on the course. So whereas you can use this in your practice drill, if you move on to the course with that slightly close stance, you’ll have that sensation and that feeling much more readily available than if you haven’t have done this drill.