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Video Transcript

Taking a divot is a problem for many, many golfers, and because of that there are lots of drills that you can use to try and help improve your strike and improve your divot pattern. This is a very, very good one. You do this in a couple of ways; the first one is to use an alignment stick. Very simply lay the alignment stick down in front of the golf ball, and if you’re using a short iron like I am here in time, getting that ball position so it’s banged in the middle of the stands. And what I want to be doing here is concentrating on taking a divot after the alignment stick line; so coming down into impact, hitting the ball, really focusing on trying to create a divot pattern which starts after the alignment stick.

Another great way of using this drill is to use spray-paint, so we’re going to have an alignment stick, spray a straight like on the driving range and then pop your ball on top of that like, and just try and ensure that you’re taking the ball after that line. Another good way of doing in it is in a bunker, drawing a line on a bunker, you can practice your fair away bunker shots at the same time and do it a very similar thing. The only thing you need to bear in mind is some green keepers may not be too enthusiastic about you taking cans of spray-paint onto the driving range, so the alignment stick drill might be a good one to use. But any of those will help you hit the ball first and the turf which is necessary if you do want to strike very sweet iron shots.