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Video Transcript

So Slammin’ Sam as the nickname infers was generally renowned for hitting the ball very hard with explosive amounts of power. And if we want to learn from that and bring that into our own game, the explosive nature, the explosive amount of power is something that a lot of golfers can fear for a number of reasons. Basically they’re not very consistent when they try and hit the ball as hard as they possibly can. So we want to try and bring in a routine, making some good decisions and choosing the right clubs that they can hit the ball hard with confidence. So there’s three elements to this.

Firstly make sure that you’re making smart decisions. If you’re pulling out a 2 iron from a horrible line in semi rough then trying to hit it hard, there’s no wonder why you’re going to get poor results. If you’re trying to hit a 3 wood we talked in pin position over water and then try to hit that hard, you’re going to get some pretty poor results. So start by making smart decisions. Aim for the big part of the green, the big part of the fairway. That will allow you then to hit the ball with a bit more confidence.

Have a good routine, a routine that doesn’t change shot to shot, a routine that works on the 1st tee and the 18th tee, a routine that you take on the driving range as well and practice it there. So it might be where you stand, how you line up, how many practice swings you take. All those elements need to happen so we have a good solid routine all of the time.

The last part of this is to really turn through ball with a good deal of confidence and hit plenty of those balls. So when we’re setting up to the golf ball, we got the right club, we’ve made a smart decision and now I’m going to drill this routine in a lot on the driving range. So lots and lots of confidence and lots and lots of practice, doing the same thing over and over again. It sounds quite boring, quite dull to do that in practice but that practice pays off when you’re under the gun, when you’re under pressure out on the golf course. So 18th hole, tough shot, because I’ve done all the practice, I’ve made my smart decisions, I can hit the ball a long way with that explosive power because I’ve practiced doing it. So we can learn those three elements, bring that into your practice routine. That will pay off even down the golf course and then you’ll have explosive power just like Slammin’ Sam.