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Once you’re getting more and more comfortable playing on the golf course, now you should start to notice how your scores are improving. Keep a tally of how your scores have gone from round one maybe through to round 20 or 30 and your score should steadily be coming down. If they are not, maybe assess the way you’re practicing and the way you’re improving with your lessons.

Once you get to a point where you’re scoring around about a 100 for guys and about a 110 for ladies you can actually start to look maybe getting an official handicap or joining the golf club and start playing in competitions and that would the next step for the most people.

To get you to that level, like I say you, need to be able to score okay, you also need to understand the rules and the etiquette quite nicely, and you need to be comfortable playing with different people not just the same four ball that you always play with but play with a few strangers, try and play in a few different golf courses. And when you get to that point that you think I’m ready to test myself, I want to start playing in competitions. Look out for the ability to join a golf club, a golf club that’s local to you, because once you join the golf club they will organize competitions on a regular basis, they will also be the ones that officiate you handicap and most places would stipulate that you need a handicap to play in other competitions, so you can’t just walk up to a golf club and play in a competition.

Most places would encourage you to be a member and to have a handicap at a recognized golf club that you can then use to play in those competitions, so if you’ve improved nicely over the first let’s say, six months to a year of playing of golf, you’ve got your score into a good position where it’s around about a 100 for the guys and a 110 for the ladies, you want to get better, you’re comfortable playing with other people, join a golf club, start playing in competitions and that’s the way your handicap will improve and you’ll get better at the game of golf.