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Video Transcript

We now know how important the transition is, we know a couple of key sections that we’d like to look for within the transition to make sure we transition the golf club from the back swing to the down swing in the best possible way. But here’s a really close step by step guide to help you understand this very important and quite technical part of your swing.

Before you establish that you’ve got to the top of your back swing in a great position and that goes as a given. It’s now a case of how do we get the club from here down to the golf ball in the right order. The first thing I’d like to see you do from the top of your back swing, you start to shift your front hip across back towards the target and it goes in a lateral motion and then it starts to rotate. So we have a lateral rotation. There isn’t too much lateral, that would be too aggressive and it isn’t just all rotation. It’s going to be a lateral rotation both happening at the same time. And that will really start the transitional process because what we find with that is, as you swing up to the top and you start to move your hips across. It instinctively pulls your arms down.

It’s very difficult to move the hip and to leave the hands and arms up there. You have to be incredibly flexible to do that and not many golfers are going to be able to achieve that. So actually starting with your hip, effectively start everything else happening as a chain reaction. So looking at that from down the line now as a golfer, we take the club up to the top. We start the transition with the lower body and the hands and arms will start to drop down. Now at this point, you really need to be focused on the hands and arms coming down towards the body and not out and away.

The throwing and chopping action from top is probably one of the most common faults we see from a lot of golfers particularly if you’re prone to slicing or over fading the golf ball. So from the top of the swing, let’s avoid the throw over, let’s make sure that as the hips move, the hands and arms drop into a good position, then we can stay down, unwind, release the golf, come down into a good release position. So you’ll start to see that your hips are keeping rotating, rotating, rotating, the right heel is lifting off the ground, the heard and the chest stayed down all way through impact, the extension happens and follow through happens. And it’s all initiated in that top of the down swing transitional motion there.

So hopefully if you can work piece by piece through that guide ideally using a mirror or a video camera to provide feedback on how that motion is happening, that’s going to be really helpful to improving you transition and overall improving your golf swing.