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Video Transcript

You may have heard people talk about exploding or blasting the golf ball out of the bunkers in an explosion shot. And it’s a shot where it’s played with a nice open face, open stance ball very slightly ahead of center, lots and lots of power that doesn’t result in a massively long shot but results in a very high shot. Now there is times when you can play that explosion shot when you are not in the bunker. Maybe when you are just on the edge of the bunker but there is a bit of soft sand or soft ruff around that area you could explode out of that, but the more valuable use for the shot I feel is when you are in the long tangly grass around the side of the green and you don’t need some, you don’t need plenty of distance, but you need plenty of height and the grass is quite thick and lush and similar to a bunker shot you can actually hit underneath the golf ball, carving underneath it splashing it out on this nice cushion of grass and just popping it out.

So again the face is open, the feet are open, it’s quite a big swing, swinging across your bodyline, swinging along the line of your body not swinging to target but across, the ball will come out nice and high and it won’t have massive spin on it so you have to allow for that when it lands and releases and it would come out pretty straight to the club face angle. So it’s a nice big swing hit underneath it and pop the ball out nice and high. Now when you are playing that shot it might also be worth actually hitting slightly behind the golf ball not hitting the ball clean but hit a little bit behind the ball and explode it out. So the explosion shot not just for bunkers but you can use off the grass as well.