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Now, you know that you want to create a lot of power in your backswing and one of the best ways to do that is limit; how much you move to your right hand side, particularly if that's a swaying action. Turning into your right hand side, is a great way of building power. Swaying to your right hand side and getting your body weight outside the little toe here on your right leg is a real killer for generating power. So we need to work on a turn, not a sway. And a really great tip for helping you with that would be to take a golf ball and just position it underneath your right foot. So you feel like you're standing on the golf ball, keeping the right instep on the floor, almost using the golf ball to feel like a starting block, like you're going to run a race and run this way towards your target.

And as you then load up in your backswing, you feel the pressure go through your right hip and right knee, but the golf ball won't let your knee move too far. In fact, if your knee moved, you'd feel your foot will become very unbalanced and you'd actually roll over the ball. So, get your golf shoes on, stand on the edge of a golf ball there so your right heel is on the floor but your--sorry, the right instep is on the floor but the right little toe is up and then feel how you can wind up into there and drive off. Not an easy drill to actually hit golf balls with, so plenty of practice swings should limit how much you're swaying and therefore actually increase the amount of power that you're going to generate.