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Video Transcript

Takeaway is absolutely crucial if you want a correct and connected swing during the back swing and on the down swing and follow through. Most golfers struggle with this. The correct way to take the club away with a connected swing is to ensure that the club and the left arm stays a straight line. The club’s pointing up your left shoulder. But more importantly, the club head moved back low and slow away from the golf ball. So keeping this low slow movement in the club head creates the correct connection between the club, the arm and the shoulders. If the club head’s rising too quickly, you are excessively using your hands and your wrist. And that isn’t going to create a wide arc which is going to make it difficult to generate power and accuracy.

A good tip for you is if you practice -- just set another the golf ball, for right handed golfers about two feet to the right of the ball you’re going to strike. And as you take the club back and show that you take the club head back, low and slow and that you knock the ball out of the way as you make it back swing. You can then swing back in and you’ll have had a really connected warm piece take away. Try that on the range and then with practice you’ll be making that movement automatically out on the course. Your drives will improve, your hands will become much more accurate and you’ll gain more length as well.