Pitching the golf ball is a skill that is often 'lost in the shuffle'. Even players who are careful to work on all aspects of their game during practice can easily overlook pitching, as it lands in an in-between category that isn't really the long game but isn't the short game, either. If you take time to work on both your full swing and your short game during the average practice session, you still might come away having failed to work at all on your pitching technique.

Pitch – Golf Lessons & Tips

Of course, this is a problem, as pitching is an important skill to have in your bag of tricks. Most golfers would consider a pitch shot to be one that is played from somewhere between 15 – 30 yards away from the target. Which, for the average amateur golfer, is a distance that happens to come up quite frequently during a typical round. If you are unprepared to play quality shots from this distance range, you will find that you are adding strokes to your score on a regular basis.

Evaluating The Lie For Better Golf Pitch Shots
Proceed With Caution For Golf Pitch Shots
Good Lie Pitch And Check Shot
Fix Short Pitch Problem Hinge Wrists Early
Golf Bounce, Used for Crisp Pitch Shots
Hold Clubface Open to Make Pitch Shots Check
Hold The Golf Club Face Open To Make Pitch Shots Check
The Correct Wrist Bend For A Close In Golf Pitch Shot
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Making The Right Swing To Pitch The Ball Into Firm Golf Greens
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Perfect Pitching Conditions To Make The Golf Ball Check
The Basic Golf Pitching Technique
Beginner Golf Tip – The Correct Mentality When Pitching
Beginner Golf Tip – Using The Correct Ball When Pitching

Beginner Golf Pitching: What is Pitching?
Low Running Pitch Shot Lesson
Normal Pitch Shot Lesson
How The Club Face Impacts Pitch Shots
Spinner Pitch Shot Lesson
Pitch Shots With Varying Levels
Beginner Golf Tip – Key Elements To A Solid Pitch Strike
Heel Off the Ground Pitch Shot
Should You Break Your Wrist For Golf Pitch Shots
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Pitch Shot – Style Points vs High Percentage
Chip Vs Pitch How And Why, Ladies Golf Tip
Pitch With More vs Less Wrist Hinge
Break Wrist Early On Short Golf Pitch Shots
The Lofted Golf Pitch
Break Wrists Early on Short Pitch Shots
How the Clubs Bounce Helps with Crisp Pitch Shots
Breaking Your Wrists For Adding Backspin To Your Golf Pitch Shots
Learning A Spinning Pitch To Encourage A Super Late Release Golf Swing
Using The Core To Power Golf Pitch Shots
Why the Clubs Bounce Can Help Create Perfect Pitch Shots
Characteristics Of Each Golf Shot Chip Versus Pitch
Using The Right Equipment For Your Pitch Shots
Pitch Shot
Chip Versus Pitch Golf Tips
How To Pitch With a Shorten Arm Swing
Confidence Is Crucial For Better Golf Pitch Shots
How To Pitch With a Shorten Arm Swing
Confidence Is Crucial For Better Golf Pitch Shots
Never Duff Your Pitch Shots Again
How To Pitch Like A Golf Pro
Creating Spin On Golf Chip And Pitch Shots
Pitching With Quiet Wrists For Golf Pitch Shots
Beginner Golf Pitching: What is Pitching?
Pitching Distance Lesson
How To Improve Your Golf Pitching Problems
The Right Mindset When Golf Pitching
Pitching Setup Lesson
Improve Your Golf Pitching Problems
Trouble Shooting Golf Pitching Issues
Mastering The Basics Of Golf Pitching
Pitching Distance Lesson
Open Lead Foot For Better Golf Pitching
Flop Shot Pitching Lesson
When Pitching Keep Your Rear Shoulder Moving Lesson
Pitching Wedge A Handy Tool For Many Shots
Pitching From Tight Lies Lesson
Pitching – Advanced Soft Toe Flop Shots
Pitching With Quiet Wrists For Golf Pitch Shots
Additional Golf Pitching Tips
Short Chip Shots With A Pitching Wedge
Building A Solid Golf Pitching Action
The Basic Full Pitching Wedge Golf Swing
Control Pitching Distance with Underhand Toss Tip
Beginner Golf Tip – Honing Your Pitching Technique
The Basic Of The Golf Pitching Technique
Focusing More On The Hands And Arms When Golf Pitching
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The Pitching Wedge A Handy Tool For Many Golf Shots
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How Senior Golfers can Best Control Pitching Distance to Improve their Accuracy
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