Cure and Fix Your Golf Pitch Shots with Proper Wrist Bend 1

Whilst setting up to the pitch shot, try to produce a left wrist angle that has very little wrist hinge. Therefore, the shaft of the golf club should be pointing in a straight line with your lead arm and pointing to your leading shoulder.

The wrist, however, will have a slight cocked action. Therefore, viewed from down the line in a mirror or camera, the wrist will not be in a straight line with the golf club shaft.

During the backswing of the pitch shot, you should feel a slight cocking action to set the club upwards. The amount of wrist cock will depend on the length of the golf shot and the length of the swing. As you strike the golf ball on the downswing, the wrist cock will naturally decrease but be very careful that it does not release more than the original setup position.Cure and Fix Your Golf Pitch Shots with Proper Wrist Bend 2 This would be classed as a scoop.

You should, therefore, feel like you impact the ball with at least a straight line between the shaft and the leading arm similar to the set up position. It can be better to actually feel the hands slightly ahead, and a forward pressing feeling through impact.

During the follow through phase of the swing, try to avoid any scooping or excessive hinging action. This may feel like you're holding the club off in a straight line, with your hands and arms similar to your address position. Keeping your grip relaxed encourages some wrist action on the backswing and holding off the finish is a great way to control your wrists during your pitch shot.