Left-Hand Drill for Crisp Chip Shots, Golf Tip

When chipping, your left hand must do a little more than go along for the ride. It’s got to be a competent co-pilot for the right hand.

It’s easy to let your stronger hand dominate the action, but this usually leads to trouble. If the left hand (of a righty) isn’t firm through the hitting area, the right hand will release or turn over, sometimes with an underhand-like flipping motion. Thin and fat shots often ensue.

To get your left hand working properly during the chipping stroke, try this drill:

  • Set up to play a shot of 20-30 feet. Place the ball in the middle of your stance, with your weight leaning a touch on the left foot and the shaft tilted toward the target.
  • Place your left hand on the grip, a little lower than normal for added control. Put your right hand on your hip or behind your back.
  • Make a few practice swings with just the left hand, then play the shot the same way.
  • Keep the left hand ahead of the ball through impact, and don’t allow it to turn over or break down.
  • Following through, the shaft should point on an angle toward the ground.
  • Hit 10 chips using this method, then put your right hand on the club and hit several with both hands. The left hand should behave the same way it did when controlling the action alone.
  • Just like solid full shots, crisp chips require the hands to work correctly together.