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A good impact position includes a number of different elements, such as hips that have turned open to the target and eyes that are focused down on the ball. Another component of a great impact position is getting your hands in front of the golf ball. This is a point that many amateur players struggle with, yet it is critically important to the success of your swing. When your hands get past the ball at impact, you will know that you have allowed the club head to lag behind in the downswing – the single most important ingredient when trying to create power. Lagging the club head behind your hands is vital to making powerful swings, and arriving at impact with your hands in front of the ball is proof that you have been successful.

The importance of this point should not be undersold. If you are unable to get your hands past the ball at impact, you will have very little chance of hitting strong, accurate shots – it's just that simple. Hitting shots while your hands are behind the ball at impact is a challenging task to say the least. When your hands drag behind, you will be 'flipping' the club head at the ball at the bottom of the swing, making it difficult to reach a square position at impact. Also, you will be using the majority of your club head speed prior to impact, meaning your shots will never live up to their full distance potential. If you know that you have trouble getting your hands past the ball at impact, be sure to work on this point before addressing anything else in your game.

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