Smooth Putting Stroke Golf Drills: Ghost Hands

You know how teammates often bicker in pressure situations? How they fail to play together when unity is most needed? In golf, the hands sometimes do the very same thing.

Putting is especially difficult when the nerves get frayed. The left and right hands fight for dominance, causing a jabby stroke and putts that roll long, short, left and right – everywhere but into the cup. To putt well under pressure, your hands must function as one. Here’s a cool indoor drill to keep them on the same page:

  • Stand before a full-length mirror or reflective surface as though addressing a putt; you don’t need a ball.
  • Grip the putter with your right hand only, placing the left hand at your side or behind your back.
  • Make a few continuous strokes using the right shoulder to control the movement of your arm and putter. The wrist and hand should remain as stable as possible.
  • Now, place your left hand in its normal position without actually touching the putter. This is called using a “ghost hand.”
  • Make strokes with the right arm while moving the left hand/arm in sync with the putter. Don’t allow the grip to touch your left hand, or the left hand to separate farther from the club.
  • Check your motion in the mirror to maintain the small separation between left hand and putter.
  • Perform the same steps with the left hand on the club and the right hand in the “ghost” position.
  • Try this drill on the practice green, then stroke a few putts. You’ll be amazed at how well the hands work in unison.