One of the most important things in putting is getting the hands working correctly and together. Ideally, the hands need to work as a team rather than working separately with one being the leader and one being the passenger.

Why You Need Both Hands Working Together With A Flat Palm Grip For Best Putting Results: Senior Golf Tip
f the hands work separately, one hand dominates, the wrists break down and a flicking action occurs causing inconsistency in accuracy and distance control. In order to promote the two hands to work as one unit, the flat palm grip is an essential exercise.

What is the flat palm grip?

Quite simply a flat palm grip is where the putter is held so that the palms of each hand face each other as if you are going to clap hands. If the palms face each other it means that each hand is in a neutral position so that one will not dominate the other and that each palm is aligned in the same direction as the putter face allowing accurate control of where the club points.

Putting a flat palm grip on the golf club.

Note: For right handed golfers use the following, for left handers reverse the instructions.

1. Put the left hand on the putter first, side on to the putter grip and so that the putter sits in the palm of the hand. Make sure that the left thumb points in a straight line down the front of the flat part of the putter grip towards the putter head.

2. Put the right hand on the putter in a mirror image position of the left. The right hand sits below the left hand, again side on to the putter grip with the thumb pointing straight down the flat part of the putter grip towards the putter head. Both index fingers also point straight down to the putter head but are positioned on either side of the putter grip.

3. On completion, both palms should face each other, and both thumbs and index fingers should be pointing in a straight line down the shaft of the golf club. Make sure to only hold the putter very lightly. There should be no tension in the fingers as there is plenty of support in the palms to control the club without pressure.

Practising a flat palm grip.

To practise flat palm grip you need a ruler or somewhere to putt a few golf balls.

Firstly, take a normal size ruler and hold it in-between your hands, with your hands together so that it is held flat in your palms. Take a normal putting stance and hold the ruler so that it is pointing down to the ground, before making some putting strokes. Be careful to not let the wrists break down and use the ruler to help you spot this by keeping it pointing down at the floor. Feel the shoulders power the movement and hold the ruler lightly in-between your palms.

Once you have taken a few practice swings, pick up your golf club and make a few putts with a flat palm grip correctly on the golf club. Try to feel the same action that you did with the ruler. Hold the putter lightly in the palms of the hands and relax your fingers using the shoulders to power the movement. Keep the wrists as still as possible.

Use the flat palm grip and practice it with this drill to consistently develop accuracy and distance control in your putting.