What Is The Correct Chipping Hands Position For Senior Golfers To Use

    In this golf tip video we are going to discuss the correct position of your hands when you are chipping.

    Before we do this let’s look at how the golf club is designed to get the golf ball into the air. In most other sports, if you want to get a ball into the air you make an upward action towards the ball to launch it upwards into the air. To do this you have to get the piece of equipment that you are using to hit the ball lower than the ball that is being hit. As golfers though, we cannot get the club head of the golf club lower than the golf ball as we are hitting the golf ball off the grass, so this strategy will not work in golf.

    The golf club has been designed to get the ball up into the air as the club head makes a downward action towards the ball. As the club head swings down, it is presented to the lower part of the golf ball. As this happens, the golf ball is now forced up the club face and the loft of the club face pushes the ball both forwards and upwards. To present the club head to the ball and allow this to happen, look at the position of the shaft of the golf club. It is leaning towards the target and the handle of the golf club is closer to the target than the club head is.

    If we think about where your hands would be with the forward lean in the golf club shaft, your hands would be ahead of the club head and holding the handle of the golf club (or more left of the club head as you are looking at the ball – right handed golfer). If the hands are on the right of the club head as the head strikes at the ball, you will make a flicking action with your wrist and an upward striking action with the club head towards the ball which will present the bottom of the club head to the top of the ball and this will not get the ball into the air.

    Set up correctly to play a chip with your stance narrow, your left foot drawn back from your right to allow you to turn through the shot and with more weight on your left side. You should work on creating a straight line from your left shoulder down your left arm and then down the club shaft and this will position your hands correctly to play the shot. Maintain this straight line as you swing away from the ball and then maintain the straight line as you swing back towards the ball and through the strike, keeping your hands forward of the club head – or on the line from your left shoulder down to the club head.

    Having this hand position when you chip will get you connecting much more crisply and playing much more accurate chip shots when you are next out on the golf course.