What Is The Correct Chipping Hands Position For Women Golfers When Playing Golf Chipping Shots 1

In this golf tip we are going to discuss the correct hand position for women golfers when playing a chip shot.

It is really important to understand how the golf club is designed to get the ball into the air when chipping because it is the club face and the loft that pops the ball upwards and into the air, not you. The loft of the club, or face angle, needs to be presented to the ball so that the ball is forced up the face angle as the club head moves forward and through the ball. If you look at how the club is positioned, to allow this to happen you will notice how the shaft of the club leans forward towards the target, with the handle of the club closer to the target than the club head. If you try to help the club get the ball into the air you will end up making the bottom of the club, which is not designed to get the ball into the air, hit half way up the ball and the result will be that the ball skims along the ground without lifting.

Alternatively, you will try to get the club head below the ball and you will end up hitting the ground and either getting the club head stuck in the ground, or bouncing up off the ground and again hitting half way up the ball. To chip effectively the club must be presented back to the ball so that the angle of the club face forces the ball upwards.

As previously mentioned, in order for this to happen the club needs to lead forwards towards the target so the correct position for the hands when playing a chip shot is to the left of the ball and the club head. Work on creating a straight line from your left should down your left arm and then on down the shaft to the club head and this will create the correct hand position to both start and strike your chip shots from. As you finish the shot, work on maintaining the straight line into the follow through, so that the club head remains low to the floor and hold your follow through end position. Check that the straight line from your left shoulder to your left hand and on down the club shaft into the club head is still intact.

Doing this will improve your chipping action and you will find that you achieve a much crisper connection with the golf ball.