What Is The Correct Golf Swing Weight Shift Takeaway And Downswing For Senior Golfers

Achieving the correct movement on your takeaway sets you up to make a great movement during your golf swing.

Initiating the swing correctly begins the correct movement sequence that you can then continue throughout your backswing. To improve your takeaway and make sure that you are achieving the correct club head and hand position as you initiate your swing, work on the following drill.

Place an alignment pole from the target line so that is replicates the angle that the shaft of your golf club displays at set up. Stand three feet to the left of this (for right handed golfers) and set up so that your club head is on the target line and in line with the bottom of the alignment pole.

Swing the club head away from the golf ball, to the right and towards the alignment pole.

Keep the club head on the upper side of the alignment pole as you rotate your upper body towards it and work on keeping your hands in line with the pole. If you place a further alignment pole across your toe line, you would notice that your hands move along this line to the right but that they stay over your toe line as the club head rises to hand height. At the end of your takeaway your golf club should be over your toe line pole, to the right of you with the shaft of the club horizontal.

If your club head is dropping inside your hands, then your club head will be on the right of your toe line pole as you look at your takeaway position.

To keep the club head outside your hands, keep your hands over your toe line pole but keep the club head to the left of this line, or forward of it as you are looking at it.