Irons flying to high hands too far back 1

High shots with the irons may be pretty, but they’re not always effective. That’s especially true if your shots lack power because you’re adding loft at impact.

Ideally, the hands should be slightly ahead of the ball both at setup and at the instant of contact. This de-lofts the club and traps the ball against the turf, producing good backspin and a penetrating trajectory.

If this doesn’t describe your irons, check your hand position. Make sure that at address, the club’s handle points just inside your left (lead) hip. If it points more toward your belt buckle, that could be your problem.

Irons flying to high hands too far back 2

If your hands are positioned correctly, you may be releasing the club too soon on the downswing. In other words, your left wrist is buckling as the right hand makes a scooping action. At impact, the hands are behind the ball and clubhead, sending the shot too high.

To combat this issue, focus on leading with your left hand all the way through the shot. Keep the left wrist firm instead of allowing the right hand to take over before you’ve made contact. This will also improve your body rotation through the ball, boosting your distance and accuracy as well.