Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Bag Review
©Sun Mountain Golf

The Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Bag retails for $239.99 and it’s the biggest bag in the company’s lightweight series, yet it’s capable of providing more than enough storage space, without compromising in terms of weight. One of the biggest challenges in creating a stand bag is to find that sweet spot, the balance between ample storage, good design and comfy walking weight. The new Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Bag proves that hitting such a sweet spot is perfectly possible, weighing just 5.5 lbs while providing more than adequate storage. Just like its sibling 4.5 LS 14-Way, the Sun Mountain 5.5 LS is offered in a variety of colorways, thus allowing you to be as modest or as bold as you wish. However, regardless of the color, the Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Bag means business and it looks as serious as it gets.

In terms of quality, this baby is tough as nails, being built using heavy duty materials and impeccable craftsmanship, and you can bet it will last you a long time. The advantage of a bigger and heavier stand bag, such is the case with the Sun Mountain 5.5 LS, is that it makes sliding clubs in/out very easy, due to its 11 inch top. Another excellent feature of the 5.5 LS is the fact that it comes with 3 water resistant pockets, including a clear one on the side for your smartphone or other gadget that requires visibility. The regular valuables pocket is also waterproof, and Sun Mountain added into the mix a velour lined/thermo formed pocket, for your GPS or laser range finder, which is a very nice touch, i.e. a dedicated pocket to take care of your most expensive gear. The Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Bag also comes with the X Strap system, which works very well and it’s comfortable. Now, even if this stand bag looks pretty large at first glance, it still is a lightweight golfing bag, being large enough to make normal functions easier and practical., and yet it can be realistically be used as a walking golf bag.