Ogio Shredder Cart Bag Review
©Ogio Golf

The Ogio Shredder golf cart bag retails for $159.99 (MSRP) and it makes for an interesting combination of affordability, plenty of storage spaces and ease of carry. Basically, this baby is able to fit all of your golf gear inside, while it will still stay carry ready, as it comes with a pocket for every accessory to keep everything in place, plus a 15 way organizational club management system. The main attribute of the Ogio Shredder is its perfect size: not too small, not too big, yet lightweight/carry ready and capable to carry all your gear, thus defying one’s expectations in every way, including its affordable price. The Ogio Shredder Golf Cart Bag has lots of storage space, and we’re talking about the whole deal: a pocket for every accessory, zippered, fleece lined, Velcro, you name it, this baby’s got it. Add to that Ogio’s proprietary 15 way organizational club management system, which is designed to keep everything in place and the company’s proven reliability and sturdiness, and you’ll end up with an incredibly light golf cart bag which plays in the best bang for the buck category, a cart bag that will stay with you from course to course for the years to come.

Besides its lightweight, the Ogio Shredder golf cart bag comes with padded straps helping it sit perfectly on your shoulder, straps which support the whole weight of the bag, making for an easy and comfortable carrying experience. Despite its relatively low price, there’s nothing cheap nor flimsy about the Ogio Shredder, i.e. quality wise, you can rest assured that your money are well spent, as the Ogio Shredder golf cart bag is well made, looks good and stands up nice (stands alone with zero issues), making for the ideal mid sized cart bag, with room for everything. If you’re looking for a stylish and affordable cart bag, the Ogio Shredder would fit the bill perfectly.