Ogio Cirrus Stand Bag Review
©Ogio Golf

The Ogio Cirrus retails for $209.99 (MSRP) and it makes for the company’s lightest stand bag, hence the Cirrus-cloud reference. However, despite its incredibly light weight, the Ogio Cirrus is a fully featured stand bag, i.e. no compromises were made in terms of storage space. The Cirrus comes with enough pockets to store all of your necessary golf gear, and even if it’s light as a feather, the Cirrus is full of storage options and boasts the company’s innovative features. In case you did not know, Callaway announced back in January that they’ll buy Ogio International for $75.5 mn (in cash, nota bene), and this announcement speaks volumes about the brand and the quality of their products, even if the news may have failed to make a blip on your radar.

In terms of design, you’ll appreciate that the bag is not designed to be a billboard for the brand, i.e. the branding is minimal, though you can always go for the embroidery on the detachable ball pocket panel. Despite weighing a mere 3.2 lbs, the Ogio Cirrus feels solid and sturdy, providing a solid feel whether you rest it on the ground (legs extended) or walk with the bag on your shoulder. As usual, workmanship looks good too, but that’s no surprise from Ogio. The Cirrus’ best design aspect is the Fit Disc strap system, which is basically a self adjusting strap system, that provides you with the ideal balance whether you’re carrying your bag on 2 or 1 shoulder. Another new and practical feature is a split level internal pocket (Ogio calls it Rapid Access Pocket) in the weather resistant, fleece lined valuables pocket, which allows you to keep stuff like your keys or your smartphone handy, instead of dropping everything to the bottom. There are 7 pockets in total, of which 6 are zippered, including an insulated water bottle holster, which is accessible while walking. The Cirrus also comes with a 9” 7-way Holster Performance top with an integrated handle and a side putter pit, making for a solid and feather-light stand bag, with smooth functioning legs and an innovative strap system. All these features make the Ogio Cirrus stand bag to be worthy of consideration, especially if you’re the type of golfer who prefers to carry his gear frequently.