Ping Hoofer Lite Carry Bag Review
©Ping Golf

The Ping Hoofer Lite carry bag is a fantastic choice for “walkers”, being very efficient and well designed, as in comfy to carry around. The Hoofer Lite, as per its name, is as light as a feather, yet it comes with ample pockets and storage space, making walking from hole to hole enjoyable and hassle free. The Ping Hoofer Lite carry bag is built using state of the art (as in light weight and durable) materials. If you're already a Ping aficionado, you probably know that Ping bags are among the most durable on the market. The Ping Hoofer Lite carry bag can be described as the best of both worlds, as it's both durable and light weight, i.e. it will not fall apart 1-2 seasons in and you'll be able to give it to your kids when you get a brand new one.

It's worth mentioning that the Ping Hoofer Lite carry bag is one of the simplest and smallest on the market, boasting an affordable price tag and featuring a rigid yet roomy 4 way opening top and 7 pockets, thus offering storage options for both extra-gear and essentials. The Hoofer Lite comes with a new strap connector and adjusting shoulder pads in the front, which are integrated with the company's proprietary Sensor Cool technology. Ping also threw into the mix a cushioned hip pad, which adds to the ease of carrying it and also boosts comfort. Finally, the Ping Hoofer Lite carry bag features a water bottle pocket, which makes your water bottle easily reachable during your game.