Jones Utility Stand Bag Review

    The Jones Utility Stand Bag can be described as a worthy piece of golf gear to carry on the golf course if you're not the caddie type of golfer. In this is the case, the Jones Utility Stand Bag will be an invaluable partner for your day to day golfing sessions, and even you'll be using a caddie, he'll definitely appreciate a stylish and high quality golf stand bag. However, if you want to carry your own gear, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the Jones Utility Stand Bag is hugely comfortable for your back and shoulders, being as good as they come. I used stand bags before, and many of them felt too fragile, too big, too small, or just…not what I've been looking for, if you know what I mean. But the Jones Utility Stand Bag changed my perspective, turning out way better than would have expected, being a legit piece of golf gear, featuring tons of innovations that are actually working on the golf course.

    The Jones Utility Stand Bag comes in 5 colorways and what makes it different from its competitors is the way it hits your back and the straps, these are the most important features in my book, regarding standing bags. The straps of the Jones Utility Stand Bag is almost perfect, offering the ideal blend of width, straps made using a very soft/comfy padded material and an optimal position when it sits on your shoulders. Another unique feature of the Jones Utility Stand Bag is its versatility: if you carry it using the single strap feature, it feels like a Jones original, while using the second strap, it feels/carries like a backpack. But the greatest thing about the Jones Utility Stand Bag is how it actually rides on your back, due to its clever round-fit design, which matches the curvature of your back, being one of the most comfortable bags I've ever carried. Also, there are lots of pockets/dividers/storing spaces, all perfectly placed and it will protect you valuables in the rain, even if it's not sold as “waterproof”.