Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 4.5 LS Zero G Stand Bag Review
©Sun Mountain Golf

The Sun Mountain 4.5 LS stand bag retails for $209.99 and it makes for a mid sized and light-weight piece of golf gear, that weighs only 4.5 pounds yet it incorporates the company’s proprietary E-Z Fit dual strap system. This baby is designed for carrying, but still comes with a bunch of cart friendly features, making it the best of both worlds so to speak. The company designed the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS to be easily secured to a cart by running a cart strap pass through behind the clothing pocket, thus making sure you’ll have easy access to the pockets if you choose not to carry it. The cart friendly bottom and the leg lock system make for the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS stand bag to be the complete package when it comes to golf bags. In terms of storage space, the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS comes with 8 pockets, including a full length clothing pocket, a water bottle pocket, 2 velour lined valuables pockets (one of them is water resistant, nota bene) and multiple accessory pockets.

The proprietary E-Z Fit Dual Strap System makes the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS to be one of the most comfortable to carry around stand bags on the market, and also fairly easy to adjust. The lower pockets feature a lift assist panel, for ease of handling, while the carry straps are built in a 3-layer design and ergonomically contoured for maximum comfort. The Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Zero-G is a tad pricier, retailing for $229.99 (MSRP) and it combines the 4.5 LS with the company’s proprietary Zero-G technology. The Zero-G technology works wonders when it comes to reducing the effort required to carry your golf gear around the course via a patented Zero-G hip belt, which transfers the weight of the stand bag from shoulders to hips. Rest assured, the Zero-G hip belt is removable if you intend to use a cart. Obviously, the Z-Strap Dual Strap System working in tandem with the Zero-G hip belt dramatically increases carry comfort while promoting better posture, thus making for an amazingly comfy and lightweight stand bag.