Mizuno Aerolite Micro6 Stand Golf Bag Review

    Just Pick Up and Go:
    Mizuno brings you the Aerolite Micro6 Stand Golf Bag giving you quick and easy mobility. The 3-way Supersized Divider is specifically designed for easy club access entry and retrieval from any compartment, even with the larger grips. Included are the EasiGrab Top Cuff Two rubber molded grip handles that allow for easier grip on either side of the bag for putting and taking out of your trunk when traveling. For stability you will find the custom grip leg end caps to keep the bag in place and from slipping on the green. Mizuno Cable Grip™ Lightweight, pre-curved dual shoulder harness with triple padding will definitely enhance your comfort when carrying this bag. The Mizuno AeroStrap® Lightweight, pre-curved dual shoulder harness with triple padding is included to increase your carry comfort. In addition the Cable Grip™ Lightweight, flexible handle with soft touch tubing makes picking the bag up so much simpler. This bag is available in the Black – Green, and the Grey – Red, or the Royal Light Blue, and the White – Blue.

    With the MizunoAerolite Micro6Stand Bag you will find various organizing Pockets. There are Accessory Pockets to keep all those extra items stored safely. There is a Valuables Pocket to keep your delicate or important items secure. An awesome Ball Pocket to keep your balls handy and organized in one place, with a specially designed bottom to fit safely on a cart. You will also find a convenient deployable matching Rainhood for traveling or when the weather changes. Weighing in at only 3 unbelievable pounds this lightweight stand bag is the perfect buy. Be sure to look for the Mizuno Logo for great quality and durability. Get your incredible MizunoAerolite Micro6 Stand Golf Bag now!