Ogio Silencer Cart Bag Review
©Ogio Golf

The Ogio Silencer retails for $249.99 (MSRP) and it makes for the company’s most popular cart bag, featuring a state of the art design and a proprietary (and very clever) click and grip technology, which secures your clubs in individual slots for eliminating contact (hence the Silencer part), thus making for a quiet and relaxing carrying experience. Due to its smart design, the Ogio Silencer will not allow your golf clubs to move inside, regardless of what you do, and it’s specially engineered as a stand and carry golf bag, featuring a 15 way 2X barrel silencer club management system, a cart strap channel to fit it securely in any type of cart, a fleece lined valuable pocket, eight zippered pockets, an insulated water bottle pocket, a glove hook and loop fastener attachment patch, a pen sleeve, a single shoulder strap and an easy grab trunk handle.

The best feature of the Ogio Silencer is arguably the system used by the company to keep your clubs from moving around. Also, getting the clubs in and out of the bag is very easy, on any model of push or pull cart. The materials used in the Ogio Silencer’s construction are thin and light weight yet very durable, making for a golf bag that is easy to carry to your cart or to the driving range/practice areas. Another big advantage of the Silencer technology is that your new irons will keep looking like new after many rounds, as the system keeps the clubs secure at the bottom and significantly reduces club chatter/clanking, thus saving wear and tear.