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The Callaway Fusion Zero L Stand Bag retails for $229.99 and it’s using all the technologies and materials that can be found in its kin, the Hyper-Lite Zero respectively. What makes the Fusion Zero L different is its larger frame, which was designed in order to accommodate the stand bag’s 14-way top, that features full length dividers. Just like the Hyper-Lite Zero, the Callaway Fusion Zero L was created using feather light materials and a clever design for shaving every extra-weight out of the stand bag, but without sacrificing functionality nor durability in the process. It’s important to note that the Callaway Fusion Zero L Stand Bag comes “Logo Ready”, as in there are no logos imprinted on it out of the factory. To make it as lightweight and as durable as possible, the Callaway Fusion Zero L Stand Bag was built using a tough and wear and tear resistant nylon material, while both the 14 way top and the stand bag’s bottom were engineered to keep their structural integrity, despite their incredible lightweight.

Moreover, the legs of the Callaway Fusion Zero L Stand Bag are made using carbon fiber, a material that boasts an excellent weight to strength ratio. There are no less than six zippered pockets, providing more than enough storage space for all of your golf gear, including a YKK zippered pocket for your valuables and an individual smartphone sleeve, so you can rest assured and focus on your game in any weather conditions. The philosophy behind the Callaway Fusion Zero L Stand Bag was to blend functionality with ultra lightweight and durability, and due to the state of the art materials incorporated into its built, this makes for the lightest 14 way stand bag in the company’s portfolio, weighing a mere 3.3 lbs.