Callaway Chev Stand Bag Review
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    Walk or Ride with this Lightweight Bag from Callaway:
    The Chev Stand bag from Callaway offers a lightweight bag while getting the most out of the features. This stand bag is designed with intertwined features. The 9” 7-way top provides the ultimate in full length Divider Club Organization. The full length slots allow for the ease of access and replacement of your clubs. The Comfort Tech Strap System, this strap system provides you with an Ergonomic EVA foam core with soft mesh padding for ultimate comfort while enjoying your day on the course. You will find an integrated Lift Handle that makes lifting the bag a breeze. The bottom of the stand bag has been designed with an E-Trolley Base System that integrates with most push carts and trolleys and an all-Terrain Base System for better stability. Included to prevent slipping or sinking on the turf are non-slip Foot Pads. The color schemes for the Chev Org Cart Bag are the Red – Silver – Charcoal, or the awesome Black – Silver, White – Black – Red, or White – Navy – Orange, and the relaxing Navy – Royale – Charcoal.
    Additionally, you will find that the Chev Stand Bag offers 7 Pockets total. There are 2 full length Apparel Pockets for storing those extra golf accessories or a light jacket. For your convenience there is a waterproof velour lined Valuables Accessory Pocket, which includes a Key Fob. To keep cool there is the insulated Water Bottle Pocket. A full size Ball Pocket for organizing and securing your golf balls. Other features are the 2 Accessory Pockets for more organizing. When choosing a Callaway golf bag, you will be sure to buy quality along with their warranty on their workmanship. Look for the authentic, traditional Callaway logos and get your Chev Stand Bag now.