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Video Transcript

Here is a great game to help you understand and how to control your ball flight. Now, controlling ball flight, left, right, up, down, these are all things we want to try and achieve. What I am going to suggest we do here to be able to help you to understand this is to picture a house in front of you, around about 50 yards away. And it’s one of those pictures that – one of these houses that a kid would draw in a picture with a front door in the middle and then the four windows; upstairs, downstairs, left and right, you got it? So windows here, windows here, front door there in the center, about 50 yards away. What I want you to pretend you're trying to do on the driving range is smash all those windows in order. So we are going to try and hit a ball that goes high and left, low and left, high and right, low and right. And then the best one, straight through the letterbox. And that's the shot we ultimately want to be able to hit.

Now for the most golfers, they would stand there and think, oh that's easy, I could always do with that window or that window or that window. They are going to have a side that they would hit more regularly. For a lot of golfers, it’s kind of the high slice. So the upstairs right hand window is in trouble isn’t it, because people get steep, they open the face and they chop the ball into that right hand window. Therefore for yourself, you might find the other side a bit more difficult. If someone has got a low hook in their bag, maybe they're hooking it into the low downstairs window too often, hitting it upstairs right might be a bit more difficult.

So try and hit all four windows and work out which one you find the most difficult. By trying to hit the opposite window or the one that you find most difficult, you know you are going to have this easy low hook therefore upstairs right might be difficult for you. Well, by trying to hit that the straighter shot, the one that goes through the letterbox might become a bit more apparent to you because you think okay, I now got a feel for what I need to do to hit that ball straight through the middle. So if I was looking at you this way around, I would be leaning back and opening the club face for upstairs right, hands forwards by opening the club face for downstairs right, leaning back but releasing the hands and flicking for upstairs left, and then smothering it with the club face closed for downstairs left. Hit all of those four shots and then try and pinpoint one that goes straight down the middle, fizz one straight through the letterbox.

Then when you are out on the golf course picture that house in the middle of the fairway, picture where that flag is hiding behind the front door and then slot another ball straight through that letterbox and see whether that building your house game and smashing windows game helps improve your ball flight and your accuracy on the golf course.