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So if you are going out for a quick 9 or 18 holes after work one night either on your own or just with a buddy, the Club Up Golf Game is a great way of making you think differently about your round of golf. And you might feel that actually starts to infiltrate the games that you have when you got a scorecard in your hand, when you are in a competition. So the Club Up Game is simply that. Every time you get a second shot, third shot into a green, always try and hit it one more club than you would normally take. So most of us are pretty used to the idea that we stand on the fairway, we measure the distance we’ve got to the flag, we then know which club we want to hit. What I would suggest is you have to then add on one more club.

So if you are 150 away, you think I would normally be an 8-iron, go ahead and hit seven. What you will find when you are looking down on a seven is that you then committed to swinging it slightly smoother, you are not going to try and leather the ball to try and get it up there. You know you've got probably 10 yards too much club. Swing nice and easy, swing nice and smooth, I would still stress that you should commit to the shot. We are not going to encourage you to baby it and pull out of it completely, still swing nice and smooth, nicely committed.

What we actually find for a lot of golfers is they under club anyway, so when they think it’s an 8-iron from a 150 yard, reality is that 8-iron probably finishes short a lot of the time. So by making yourself club up, you probably now actually got enough club, you will find yourself up on the green quite regularly. And hopefully for a lot of people that actually improve their scores, they actually hit bigger shots up on to the green, back of the green, we know that there is less danger at the back of the green than there is in the front of the green most of the time, it’s safer up there, you should actually find that your scores improve by clubbing up rather than get worse. You might then feel that when you go out to the weekend and you've got a scorecard in your hand, you know what, I am going to take a bit of that club up idea into my general play. So every time you measure your yardage, add on an extra club, commit to the shot, but don't try and leather it; and hopefully your score starts to improve by clubbing up each time.