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There is often a flaw in golfers' practice routines that I see on a regular basis and it’s the fact that they don't hit enough different shots, they don’t hit enough real world golf shots, quite happy just to stand there, hitting driver after driver 7-iron after 7-iron. But on the golf course we often get different varieties of shots – high ones and low ones and under trees and escape shots and into headwinds and lots of the stuff. So this game How Low Can You Go is a real great way of focusing on those particularly awkward and difficult shots that golfers never seem to practice. You ask a golfer how many times did you have a flop shot around the golf, probably once, maybe twice is all they should be hitting them. How many times you escape out of the trees and around the golf, probably at least twice and maybe sometimes more depending on the accuracy and narrowness of their golf course. But we never practice the low one out of the trees and maybe we should.

So this is a great exercise to how we practice low shots out of the trees. What I am going to suggest is we are going to try and hit the golf ball as low as we possibly can, but it must carry over a 100 yards. So you can’t just top it and knock it straight down into the grass. I want to see the ball carrying a 100 yards, but with the lowest trajectory possible. And you can be competitive against another person on the driving range, so I have taken my 4-iron, I am going to play the ball slightly back in my stance, I am going to grip down and have my hands ahead, just like a real low punchy chippy shot. I am going to stab into the back of the golf ball and try and drill it low.

So that ball is flying over a 100 yards, maybe 130, 140 yards and it probably went no higher than the roof on the driving range, 15 or 20 feet, but it really shot out forwards. Fantastic shot if you are in the trees actually that one, you have low hanging branches and you want to get it out scooting and get it running up the fairway. But by practicing these different types of shots, certainly in a competitive environment, it stops you just pounding the same normal 7-iron over and over again. And when you go on the golf course, you will be surprised how many times you get faced with this shot and how if you've practiced it, it can be quite a successful shot. So that's How Low Can You Go.

Try and hit the ball as low you possibly can, but try and carry over 100 yards so just stops you chipping it or topping it. Be competitive against somebody and repeat the shot a few times, see who can be the first person to score five points with How Low Can You Go.