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Video Transcript

Now we all know how important the golf grip is in taking a good setup position and ultimately hitting good golf shots. But a lot of people, they focus too much on their grip during that setup and actually get a bit paralyzed by having a good grip you know, counting knuckles, positioning fingers forwards and backwards. And you see people even quite good golfers that still can’t quite get the hands comfortable on the golf club. So what I am going to suggest is we do the Blindfold Golf Grip Game. Now blindfold golf gripping is where you are not going to look at your hands, you are just going to place them on there and trust the feel of the hands to get into the right position and then you are going to check them so that they are in the right position.

So what we'd suggest is you put the club down, set your feet up and then look up and try and grip the golf club without looking at it, get yourself comfortable, then bring it up and check. And a couple of things that you could be checking for are your hands the right distance down and up the grip. So ideally, about half an inch not held at the top end would be perfect. But is it consistent? There is no point gripping one down here and gripping one up here, we wanted the same position every time. Can I see the correct number of knuckles on the back of my top hand? That should be about two, two and half knuckles for the top hand. Am I linking my fingers correctly? Are the Vs on my hands pointing into the right positions? For the top hand, it would point to the rear shoulder, for the bottom hand the V should point to the chin.

So again, as I setup, I look away, I take my grip, bring my hands on, bring it up and I want to check that I am in the same position, the right distance down the right position for the knuckles, the right positions for the Vs. The hope is then that you can trust that to sort of intuition now, so when you setup on the golf course you can focus on the other things that might need a bit of your attention – the alignment, the distance of the shot, the correct swing basics. But actually during the grip, that bit just going to look after itself, your hands will find themselves getting comfortable.

So just try that three times at the start of each practice session, the blindfold golf grip game. Put your hands on, get comfortable, check them. If you are doing it consistently, you can probably just allow yourself to not think too much about the grip. If you are struggling to get them on consistently, keep repeating that exercise, either in your practice session or even just at home, you can just play that gripping – that gripping game there in the front room and just keep checking to make sure your hands are on in the right place.