Video Series

Video Transcript

Hi there, my name is Pete Styles and I’m here to introduce you to the game of golf. I have been playing golf for 23 years now and I think it’s the most amazing game in the world. I’ve got a great passion for the game and a great belief that everybody can get great enjoyment from this game. During the next section of this website, over the next thirty videos, I’m going to properly explain to you how to get the most out of playing golf, but hopefully in a really simple to learn format, so nothing too technical, nothing too complicated. And if you can learn the fundamentals of golf this way at the start of your career, that’s the best way that you’re going to be able to build and get the most enjoyment out of this game.

Playing golf out on the golf course in the sunshine is great for exercise, its good fun, it’s good for your social well being. It doesn’t matter whether you’re great at the game, hopefully by following my tuition, you’ll get better, doesn’t matter whether your playing partners are better than you, whether the people you’re out on the golf course would have been playing for longer. We have a handicap system that lets you play golf and you can still be competitive. We have different teeing grounds that can help you be competitive. We have different lengths of golf courses.

Playing golf can look a little bit daunting from the outside looking in, at everyone else that plays the game and everyone else seems to know what they’re doing on the golf course. Hopefully these videos and the next thirty videos will be a fast track for you to getting on the golf course and improving your confidence and loving the game that I love so much as well.