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Video Transcript

The Magnificent Seven Golf Game, now this isn’t just a catchy title, it actually has some substance to it as well as the game. This game focuses on the quality of your driving. Now the reason why I have picked the number seven here is because most groups of nine hole golf courses will have two par-3s. So in every nine holes in a golf course be it nine-hole course, 18-hole course, you’re probably are going to have two par-3s. Therefore, you got seven opportunities with the driver. So we put seven golf balls down in front of us and focus on trying to hit as many of those seven into the fairway as we possibly can.

Now to decide on how wide the fairway should be, make a fist, hold it out in front of you, look at the distance between this knuckle and this knuckle that's about the width of a fairway. So I can put that out there, put this one on the side of a flag, measure across to my other knuckle on the other side, that points to a tree, that's my fairway. Get my seven golf balls lined up down here and see how many of the seven I can hit into the fairway. Now what I would suggest though, is if you are hitting less than four out of those seven on to the fairway, try and use a different club, try and leave the driver, drop down, try the game again with a 3-wood and see how many you get with the 3-wood. If that doesn’t work and you are still less than four, maybe drop down again to a hybrid club or a more lofted fairway wood or even a long iron still trying to hit it into that fairway.

You might find that the shorter the club the more loft you take the straighter you hit the ball, that would certainly be what we would expect. And the point being here is that if on the golf course you are hitting less than 50% of your fairways, you are probably using an inappropriate club. You are probably trying to hit a driver when you shouldn’t be trying to hit a driver. You might be spraying it off sideways too much knocking yourself in too much trouble. So aim at those seven tee shots that's the front nine less the par-3s, try and get your tee shots about 50% and if that was not working drop down to a more lofted club and that's how you can play the Magnificent Seven.