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Video Transcript

So this game is called Drive Time. It’s all about straight driving of the golf ball. We are going to try and hit the golf ball on the driving range on to the fairway as many times as possible. Then the first thing we need to decide is how wide is our fairway. See a lot of people on the driving range, they are just aiming somewhere out there on to the field and if the ball lands on the grass they think that they have had success. But in reality, we need to be a little bit more clinical about our driving area; otherwise when we go on to the golf course, we can be surprised how narrow the fairway can look.

And here is a great tip in terms of picking how wide a fairway should be. If you put your arm out straight in front of you and make a fist, and then measure the distance between those two outside knuckles, shut one eye and hold it up in front of you that can give you a really good indication of how wide a fairway should be. So I hold my fist out in front of me here, I put my right knuckle on a flag in the right hand corner of the range, and I look where my left hand knuckle points and it points up to a tree in the distance that now becomes my fairway. Generally speaking, if you try that out on the golf course as well and you put your hand down there, it would mark pretty close to the perimeter of most fairways unless you play in particularly narrow particularly wide, but that is going to be your average fairway.

We then take that as our target and we see how many times we can hit the ball in a row into that fairway. And the good thing about this game is that it builds pressure. So rather than just standing on the range pounding golf balls as you might do sometimes, it builds pressure, almost like you would have on the golf course. So then hopefully if you practiced under pressure when you go on the golf course and play, you are kind of used to the pressure, you don’t feel it too much. So I've got my fairway down there, I picked out my target, I am going to just line up, take real careful aim and make a smooth swing. And that's one on the fairway, you have to trust me on this as you see, you can’t see that, but I will take that one, that's on the fairway.

We could be here a very long time guys, we could be here a very short time, we will see, we will see whether we can get to on there and the pressure will start to build. Now see a little bit on the right side of the fairway, but it’s there, okay, I am not going to stand and do this all day for I don’t want to bore you now, I've got 150 balls here, you might be there a long time until I miss a fairway. But you kind of get the point, don’t you? You pick a fairway, that's the width of your fist, knuckle to knuckle and then you see how many times you can hit the fairway. Depending on your handicap, you might agree that certain number is better than others, but maybe three, four, five in a row would be quite good. Believe me, not many people are going to get more than nine, 10 in a row at all, even the top professionals. You look at top professional stats, they are probably hitting between 55, 75% of fairways in a decent round of golf.

So they are not going to stand there and hit 10 in a row by any stretch. But see if you can have a go, see if you can get your score above three towards five, would be really good. Well done.