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So rule number one in the rule book of how to play the game of golf tries to simplify this game as much as it possibly can. It talks about how we hit a ball from a tee in ground into a hole. Now we know there's lots of other things in the way, but actually to simplify the game that's what we're trying to do. Get the ball from here into the hole. Rule number one also covers the things that you can and can't do during that process. It talks about how you're not allowed to move that golf ball. So you can't improve your lie. You can't pick it up and throw it out of the trees. You can't throw it out of the long grass.

It also talks about how you can't go in there with your golf club and change the condition of the golf course. That means you're not allowed to take practice swings here and chop down the long grass. You are not allowed to tread it down with your foot. On the putting green, you're not allowed to tap down spike marks. So all of that is covered in rule number one. It also suggests in rule number one that you're not allowed to waive the rules on the game of golf. So you and I can't agree between the two is that we're going to have a little bit of a cheat today.

Because all the other players on the golf course are trusting us that when we sign our scorecards, we haven't done any cheating. So we're not allowed to waive any of those rules. So rule number one covers all those basic principles. And it's quite important that we understand the nature of the game of golf, the things we are and with things we aren't allowed to do. It covers one other point in that if we can't actually understand a ruling, a situation that's not covered in the rule book, it says we should do what's fair. And I think that's quite important to understand that in the rulebook, lots of different connotations of different things.

But more often than not, the ruling comes back to what is fair. Is it fair that your ball landed in a lake? Well, yes because you hit a ball into a lake. Is it fair that your ball landed into a puddle that shouldn't be there? Well no because the puddle shouldn’t be there. That wasn't strictly your fault. So there's different rules covering puddles and different rules covering lakes, as we'll explore more as we go through the rulebook. But rule number one covers do what is fair, do what is honest. Don't cheat on the golf course and try and get the ball from here into the hole in the fewest number of shots.