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So this is one of my favorite little bump-and-run pitching exercises to do when you're practicing at home. Now if you've got a decent little bit of lawn at home you can do this exercise and simply just take a football or a basketball, soccer ball should I say take it into the back garden. Stand it one into the garden and just try and hit it. And what I've done here is I had actually setup a little imaginary goal. So the red codes are the goal and the basket is my soccer ball or basketball. Now I apologize when I came out to do the filming today the one thing I forgot to put in was my basketball. I don't know how I managed to forget it, but I did so I have got my basket to aim for today. So we're going to line up. I've got an eight-iron here, little bump-and-run with an eight-iron. I'm looking where I want the ball to land. I'm going to try and pitch the ball forwards and try and get my golf ball as close to the basket as possible.

And the aim of the game here would be to pitch the ball forwards, trying to actually hit the basket. Now I'm getting closer but I haven't hit it yet. What you'll find with this game is incredibly difficult. Its a lot harder than you think. But then when you actually look at the distance of the basket, it's not a particularly big target. I'm going to give myself one more go just to see whether I can get a good pitch what's out there and a good target line. Now I've missed it the same way every time. Now interestingly look at the – look at the results there. It's pretty poor that I missed everything on the same side. That's disappointed that I didn't make a good enough adjustment. But just look at how consistently the balls finish to each other. They all finished in a very similar spot, all of the same side, but the distance control was very good.

What we often find with golf is by giving them an intermediate target to focus on something quite close to them to focus on the end result actually becomes quite good. So if we were doing this exercise again and we were doing it out on the golf course we would imagine that the soccer ball is in an intermediate point in the line to the hole. Don't focus on the hole. Focus on the intermediate point in front of you the soccer ball, the basketball. Doesn't matter whether your ball exactly hits it, but look at the results. They're going to be quite consistent. The distance control is going to be the same. The line is going to be the same. They are my four best pitch shots towards this basket towards this soccer ball, but if you imagine where the hole could have been behind them they're actually pretty decent results. They're not a million miles away and that's the aim of that game. Try and hit the soccer ball but try and feel like you're getting good distance control in all of your pitch and run shots as well.